The Appleton Boychoir provides an extraordinary opportunity for the Ambassador Choir to travel to a new domestic or international destination every year! Each year, the tour destination alternates between a domestic location and an international location.

The philosophy behind the performance tours includes:

- Develop a unifying spirit
- Serve as cultural ambassadors around the world
- Expand concert opportunities
- Build the choir’s reputation
- Provide travel opportunities

The 2024 Norway Tour

June 8-16, 2024


More Information Coming Soon!


Past Tours Include:

2023 – Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI



2018Colorado Springs, CO

2017 – Iceland (Participation with Iceland’s National Day Ceremonies)

2016Boston, MA (Workshop with Daniel Ryan)

2015 – Peru (First South American Tour)

2014Indianapolis, IN / Memphis, TN (Idlewild Presbyterian Church Performance (Broadcast Live)

2013 - Ireland

2012 – San Antonio, TX

2011 – South Africa (Exchange performance in Soweto)

2010 – Raleigh, NC (Raleigh Boychoir Exchange)

2009Minneapolis, MN / Red Wing, MN / Eau Claire, WI

2008 - China

2007Nashville, TN

2006 – Croatia/Montenegro (Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb)

2005St Louis, MO / Hannibal, MO (Sheldon Concert Hall Performance)

2004 – Phoenix AZ/Grand Canyon (Senior Choir Tour – Phoenix Boys Choir)

2003 – The Netherlands (Inland Waterways Boat Tour)

2001 – New York, NY (Workshop with American Boy Choir)

2000 – Czech Republic

1999 – Japan (Sister City Exchange – Kanonji, Japan)

1998Minneapolis, MN

1997 – Mexico

1996Eau Claire, WI / Milwaukee, WI (Run-out tours for featured performances)

1995 – Czech Republic (Performance at the Rudolfinum - Live Recording)

1994Vancouver, BC / Seattle, WA

1992 – Germany/Austria/Switzerland

1991 – Manitowoc, WI

1990Minneapolis, MN / St. Paul, MN (Rejoice in the Lamb - Britten)

1989 – Washington D.C. (Library of Congress Performance)

1987 – USSR/Poland (First International Tour)

Tours are approved by the Appleton Boychoir Board of Directors. Tour payments are the responsibility of every singer. Fundraising opportunities are available though every choir.

Non-participation in a major tour shall not exclude any singer from any choir.