Regular Rehearsal Schedule

Please know that additional rehearsals may be added at the discretion of the Artistic Director. These will be communicated to members through Chorus Connection.

Repertoire Choir

Mondays, 5:15-6:15 pm; Appleton West High School - Orchestra Room, Main Level, Enter Through Door 7

Ambassador Choir

Mondays, 4:00-5:15pm; Appleton West High School – Orchestra Room, Main Level, Enter through Door 8


Mondays, 4:00-6:00pm; Appleton West High School – Choir Room, Upper Level, Enter through Door 8
Thursdays, 4:00-5:30pm; Appleton West High School – Choir Room, Upper Level, Enter through Door 8

Policies & FAQs


Attendance is essential at rehearsals and the main concerts for the season. A Parent Meeting may be called if a boy misses two (2) or more rehearsals in a concert cycle. Attendance at all dress rehearsals and main concerts is MANDATORY. Unless the boy is ill, or there is an emergency, an Absence Appeal Form (included in the Handbook) must be completed in advance (a minimum of one week before missing a dress rehearsal and/or concert/performance) and given to Boychoir staff for clarification and approval. Attendance is also sometimes required and/or highly encouraged for tours, camp, and other church and/or community performances.

We are trusting you, his parent(s)/guardian(s), to make the best decision for your son and family and for the Appleton Boychoir regarding his attendance at weekly rehearsals, for the effect on his performance capabilities within our choir(s). The Choir Parent Volunteers and Boychoir staff will be noting attendance for our internal purposes as well as to mark individual boy’s points for our Achievement Ladder (described previously.) Please inform the Appleton Boychoir office by calling, emailing, or completing an Absence Appeal Form for any missed rehearsals, as well.


Each boy will be given a nametag to wear during rehearsals, and one to keep on his Appleton Boychoir bag. The nametag he wears, will be returned to the Choir Parents at the end of each rehearsal (this assists with attendance). Ambassador Choir boys who lose their nametags will lose Achievement Ladder points. Any boy who loses or destroys their music, music binders, music theory books, or music bag will be charged up to $25.00 for each item. A reasonable amount of wear and tear is expected.


Since rehearsals are held within the Appleton Area School District, we will follow the AASD’s postponement and cancellation decisions. Emails will be sent to all families with email addresses; a message will be left on the Appleton Boychoir website, we will post a message on Facebook (and potentially other social media); and announcements will be made on WHBY 1150 AM and NBC26, when those stations allow it.

Concerts will not be cancelled; however, should there be inclement weather affecting a concert, we recommend families use their best judgement in keeping their son safe.


As members of Appleton Boychoir, Inc., I/we, the undersigned child and parent(s)/guardian(s), have read the following, understand, and agree to fulfill the following commitments required of us:

  1. I/we understand that the purpose of Appleton Boychoir, Inc. is to offer talented young boys a supplemental choral music education in order to develop musical understanding, and to achieve artistic expression.
  2. I/we agree that the child is making a one-year commitment and will participate for the entire 2019-2020 season. As parent(s)/guardian(s), I/we agree to support the participation of my/our child in the Appleton Boychoir program. I/we understand that we are making a financial commitment for the entire amount of the tuition and that continued participation in the chorus may be contingent upon timely payment of the tuition.
  3. I/we agree that appropriate and respectful behavior is always required when representing Appleton Boychoir, on “Social Media,” and during rehearsals, and performances, and when at camp or on tours. Repeated inappropriate behavior may result in dismissal from the Appleton Boychoir.
  4. I/we understand that excessive tardiness/absences may result in the choir member not being able to sing in an upcoming performance as the quality of the music is handicapped by tardiness and absences.
  5. I/we understand that one of the main purposes of any choir is participate in live performances. Attendance for the Appleton Boychoir’s season of concerts and associated dress rehearsals are mandatory for all singers. (If a required school function occurs during the same date/time, the school function takes priority. Please inform the Boychoir office as soon as possible.)
  6. I/we understand that we are financially responsible for any items issued that are either not returned or returned in poor condition, such as uniforms and music.
  7. I/we will actively market the organization whenever possible, such as distributing posters in the community.
  8. I/we will actively help sell advance tickets for performances to friends, family, or co-workers.
  9. I/we understand that the Appleton Boychoir relies on each family to volunteer over the course of the season, and I/we will agree to help whenever possible (see Volunteer box on next page).
  10. I/we understand that a cell phone and/or other electronics are not a necessary component of participating in Appleton Boychoir’s programs. If I/we choose for my/our child to carry a cell phone, I/we understand no pictures/recordings may be taken in hotel rooms/cabins, bathrooms, or changing/sleeping type environments, regardless of the intention of use. I/we understand my/our child’s cell phone is to be off during rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances. Usage of cell phone and/or other electronics may be allowed on tours and camp on a limited basis, for example, during certain times of the day.

Appleton Boychoir, Inc. provides educational, recreational and social activities for the chorus members through weekly rehearsals, performances, tours, camp and special activities. This Contract and Code of Conduct is meant to guide our young boys and their families as they progress through Appleton Boychoir, Inc.’s programs.

Each and every member of Appleton Boychoir, Inc. has a common bond: a love of song and singing. This binds us together and transcends all of our differences. We are a community of singers. We rely on one another. This Code of Conduct guides our community.

The following Code of Conduct is applicable to all who participate in Appleton Boychoir, Inc.’s programs and activities. As a choir member, participant, volunteer, and parent, you represent Appleton Boychoir and must agree to the following:

  1. To behave in a courteous and respectful manner towards others.
  2. To be respectful of the individual and cultural differences of others.
  3. To refrain from any behavior and/or language that is abusive, threatening, offensive or disruptive to others.
  4. To respect the personal belongings of others, property at our rehearsal and performance locations, and Appleton Boychoir, Inc.’s property.
  5. To act honestly in relationships with others.
  6. To take Appleton Boychoir, Inc. membership seriously and to participate fully in rehearsals and performances. I/we have read the above Choir Member/Parent Contract and Code of Conduct policy and reviewed this with my/our child. I/we understand my/our and our child’s responsibilities and commitments to Appleton Boychoir, Inc.


The Conductors and Choir Parents will be using the following system for rehearsal discipline. “Choir Parents” are asked to help supervise the boy’s behavior in rehearsals, performances, and travel. Choir Parent expectations are included in the Handbook, and this is used as a tool to help keep the boys on track. The Discipline Policy was organized to help parents stay informed of the progress of their son in the Boychoir and to help improve behavior during rehearsals and performances. We want the boys to look and feel professional in their performances and other group activities. It is our goal to help guide the boys to adhere to the Appleton Boychoir Contract and Code of Conduct, to develop good discipline and behavior through the Boychoir organization.

Step 1: If a boy misbehaves during rehearsal, he will be spoken to by the Conductor after rehearsal and will be advised that if there is another problem, we will proceed to Step 2. Choir Parents and Conductors will take away attendance points for behavioral issues, as necessary. (Points are not applicable to Repertoire Choir boys.)

Step 2: If a boy misbehaves a second time during rehearsal, he will be asked to take a “time out” with a Choir Parent or possibly removed from that rehearsal and parents may be called by the Choir Parents, Conductor, Business Administrator, or Executive Director. An Incident Report will be filled out and will be sent home for a parent/guardian signature. Please see the Incident Report for more information (included in the Handbook).

Step 3: If a boy continues to misbehave during rehearsals, or a performance or while touring, a Parent Meeting will be called and the boy’s membership in the Appleton Boychoir will be evaluated.


Do not wear these items to “Dress Rehearsals” – this is for performances only. A concert uniform is required for all performances unless otherwise specified by the Executive Director. The COMPLETE uniform must be neat and clean, and shirts neatly tucked in. Any boy not properly dressed will not be allowed to sing. Each boy’s hair should be clean and neatly combed. Don’t forget a smile!


  • Black belt
  • TALL black socks
  • Black dress shoes
  • Dress pants* (see ordering information below)

Repertoire Choir – additional item:

  • Appleton Boychoir Polo Shirt (to be provided)

Ambassador Choir (including ChamberSingers) – additional items:

  • Appleton Boychoir blazer & tie (to be provided)
  • White, long-sleeve, button-down dress shirt – suitable for wearing with the ABC blazer and tie

*Dress Pants:
All boys need to have a uniform pair of Khaki Pants – a.k.a. – Dress Pants.  We are requesting you order these pants from Lands’ End for consistency. We recommend purchasing as soon as possible – watch for sales!


Step 1 – Novice: A singer in the beginning stages of learning performance and rehearsal skills.

Step 2 – Apprentice: A developing chorister who has spent at least a year in training as a novice and has achieved a minimum of 90% of the total possible points during that period.

Step 3 – Master: A skilled young chorister who has achieved all of the basic goals of the rehearsal, performance, and all other Boychoir activities. He has also achieved a 95% or better of all possible points during a period of, not less than, two years’ time. We expect most of our boys to achieve the level of “Master.”

Step 4 – Scholar: This is the final and most highly prized level of achievement. Not only does he reach a 95% level over a minimum of three years, but he will also take a written exam and perform a solo in voice and an instrument. The few exceptional boys able to reach this level of achievement will truly be “Scholars.” Boys who have shown leadership are invited by the conductors to audition for the level of “Scholar.”

Scholar Level Auditions: Master Level Boys may audition to achieve the level of scholar if they meet the following criteria:

  • Attended all summer camps and tours
  • 95% in point totals in the achievement ladder system
  • Demonstrated positive leadership within the choir
  • Minimum of 2 years study on an instrument - performance required in Scholar Audition
  • Able to sing in tune musically on selected song - performance required in Scholar Audition
  • Able to sight-read at a basic level - demonstration required in Scholar Audition
  • Receive a general recommendation from all music/administrative staff


Participation Stars: AFTER each year of service in the Ambassador Choir, a boy is given a star to wear on his shirt, sweater or blazer lapel. Awarded each year at Lessons and Carols following the probationary year.

Medallions: When a boy reaches 7th grade and is able to meet our expectations through our “Achievement Ladder,” he may begin wearing the Appleton Boychoir medallion. This medallion remains Appleton Boychoir property until the boy is graduated by the conductors at the end of his 8th grade year or when his voice changes, whichever comes first.

Graduation: Graduation exercises take place at the Spring Concert. When he has been formally graduated, the medallion becomes his to keep. If a boy resigns from the Appleton Boychoir early without formal graduation, the medallion must be returned.

Scholar Pins: Presented in December following October or November auditions

Wonderland Camp

The Appleton Boychoir travels to Wonderland Camp in Camp Lake, WI for 3 days in August each year. At camp the boys begin to learn the music they will perform for A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, participate in rehearsals each day, and work on vocal production and sight-reading.

The boys also have fun swimming, playing tennis, basketball and Frisbee. They participate in team building and bonding experiences, singing at campfires, and more!

Camp is a requirement for participation in the Ambassador Choir and is strongly encouraged for Concert Choir boys. There is also a day camp experience offered to the Repertoire Choristers as well.

Tours - National & International

The Appleton Boychoir provides an extraordinary opportunity for the Ambassador Choir to travel to a new domestic or international destination every year! Each year, the tour destination alternates between a domestic location and an international location.



Family Involvement is very important to our organization. It is critical in keeping our administrative costs to a minimum. We recognize the need to have all families contribute in different ways to the success of the Appleton Boychoir.

Volunteer Opportunities

August/Sept: Camp Dads needed at Wonderland Camp; Fundraiser help needed

October: Concert poster hang-up; clothing distribution; Fall Concert (Setup, Takedown, Ticketing, Ushering)

November: Repertoire Choir Holiday Recital (Setup, Takedown, Ushering)

December: A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols (Setup, Decorating, Takedown, Ticketing, Ushering)

January: Winter Meeting (Setup, Takedown) Fundraiser help needed

February: Fundraiser help needed

April: Spring Concert (Setup, Decorating, Takedown, Ushering); Clothing return

May/June: Tour preparation assistance

Office Projects: We can always use help with marketing, fundraising, technology, and recruiting. Please contact the Executive Director to setup volunteer hours for these special needs.


The organization will provide fundraiser opportunities to build the Boys individual accounts. These funds may be used to offset the cost of tuition, camp, tours, or other Boychoir expenses.


Click Here To Download the 2019-2020 Handbook